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The New Art

I’ve lived the greater part of my life as a self-avowed member of the intelligentsia. Only in the past few years have I rejected that appellation and, not coincidentally, left behind the social and artistic ties I had spent a lifetime building. Of course, a few of my friends from those times are sufficiently amused by my current transformations to continue on in their active personal and professional relationships with me. Some try to dissuade me from my identification with the things I had rejected in my youth. Others seem to find some value in the addition of my contrary views into their desire for a more comprehensive worldview. They strike me as the most open-minded ones.In any event, much of my thinking today has been shaped by my sense of the abominations of thought and expression perpetrated in the past decades by the academic and aesthetic practitioners I used to hang out with. I’m finding new methods of working with what strike me as the most practical and sensible ways to define the world and my own place in it. And nothing strikes me as more problematic in that effort than the influence of mass media.*I’ve watched my friends and colleagues – radical, anarchist, ultra-liberal, intellectual, creative individuals move relatively unchanged from decade to decade. I see this as quite odd, as the world changes daily. In addition, I came to doubt my own life-long convictions because I could not separate those instilled in me by decades of so-called “alternative” media. The mindset of our alternative culture became the operating assumptions of mainstream media because the biases of my friends, peers, and colleagues were carried along with them directly into it as we became our society’s new creative elite.*At some point, I decided that my identity was my essential aesthetic creation. Since then, I have consciously crafted it and it exists as does any other text – in a constant state of evolution, flux, and re-interpretation. My convictions today are the result of life-experience, introspection, and the creative application of aesthetic principles.* I’m my art – my art is me.

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