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My Heart Attack

There’s a man I’ve yet to meetHe lives over at the next farmBeen there just about forever, they sayI see him, dressed darkly, sitting on his tractorHe can raise a thousand acres of corn with that thingAnd he can cut them right down againStaring only at his wheelsWhen we moved in hereI waved the first few times he passedHe never even saw meSo I stopped wavingHe’s a decorated veteran – a war heroThe subject of a Hollywood movieThese days though, he walks slowlyOut to the mailbox and backThe other day I passed him in my truckHe seemed to pause at that very momentStared in my directionI almost waved at himBut he wasn’t looking at meHe had just mailed a letterMaybe he was having second thoughtsI think he knows the weight of his wordsI keep thinking I should go over thereMake his acquaintanceHe’s knows my familyHe’s visited my friendsOne day He may come To visit me*Words by TFD

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