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Keith, me, and the past 15 years

The words I’ve written and spoken here and elsewhere about the time I spent with Keith Haring and the thoughts I’ve had about Keith and his work always seem to fall short of their intended mark. The many thousands of words I have typed about all this carry the weight of our understandings and agreements – expressed while Keith was alive. I feel responsible that my words carry the content and intentionality he would have wanted had he lived long enough to actively sustain and replenish them.The sense of dynamics and the dialectic that informed our conceptualizations seem in many ways impossible to convey alone. Yet, as this is the sole available option, it is what I can do. It is clear to me, then, why I often experience the lack of completeness of my communications on this subject.Given the current historic exhibition of Keith’s work in the town of his birth – which is also the town of my birth – this is a fine time to move beyond the obstructions of space and time and life and death and for me to simply accept that I am saying what he would have wanted us both to say at this point in time.I initiated this once before. That book is continually rewritten. More succinct statements meet more pressing needs. This journal does function well for these. The next several entries in this direction will set the compass and mark the way…*Image: Keith Haring, Bill Jones Dance Poster (detail), 1982Collection: TFD

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