Moments of Clarity

My art classes provide many opportunities for discovering the most efficient and effective methods of passing on information that can allow people to see beyond normal limitations and to venture into uncharted aesthetic territory.Discovering new aspects of personal experience illuminates consciousness and perception in uniquely transformative ways. These discoveries can be carried over into all aspects of living, from conceptualization and perception to action, behavior, and creation.I see the act of making and experiencing art as essentially conceptual, perceptual, and behavioral – in that order. If one can learn to conceive of and see the familiar in ways that render it more sharply present, one can reflect aspects of experience ever more competently and creatively.I don’t focus too much on the craft aspects of artwork. My classes are not about how to hold a pencil. I’m interested in the moment of creation and what it takes to prepare for it. It seems clear to me that wearing blinders, rose-colored glasses, socio-cultural filters, or other indirect methods to gaze upon the world of experience are not optimal. Therefore, I do endeavor to teach my students to divest themselves of faulty conception, perception, and behavior in an effort to enter the creative moment. In this way, all moments can be moments of clarity.

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