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nothing is everything

.My concept piece at the current New Arts Program’s seventeenth annual Invitational Salon of Small Works serves as a portal toward what, for me, is a more significant way to proceed in aesthetic work. After decades of working with material, performance, digital media, and text, I find myself particularly interested in executing conceptual experience that is indeterminate, unbounded, and undefined.Creating this type of work for the NAP exhibit was fulfilling in a unique way. I am also happy to see that some folks are getting something out of the experience – purposefully empty as it is.Reading Eagle newspaper art reviewer, Ron Schira, discussed this piece in his review of the show in the Sunday, June 11th edition.Here’s what he had to say:I include this because I found it worthwhile to discover some of the readings this piece evokes. My intention is never to be inscrutable or to produce work that is thoroughly ineffable – even while it may be intentionally abstruse.Schira’s interpretations here work well enough for me to sense that such an evanescent thing as an undefined concept can generate significance in an art context.The main reason I’m working this way is that once an aesthetics of nothing can be experienced, it tends to affirm the possibility of an aesthetics of everything. This would support the viability of an existential Life-as-Art aesthetic, which is my essential intention.*Images: image of words on a piece of paper by TFD at the NAP’s seventeenth annual Invitational Salon of Small Works, 2006image detail of Size Matters at the 17th Invitational by Ron Schira in the Reading Eagle newspaper Sunday, June 11, 2006.

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