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ARTology Evolution

Since day one, my intentions for ARTology have been singular. In fact, my aesthetic intentionality has been the same since the day I scribbled/wrote on my grandparents’ wall before I was two years old. My art is about the idea of the self as art – and therefore by extension, life as art.In the many decades since that memorable experience with my grandparents’ wall (it is my first memory) I have worked to hone this intention. Through various stages from creating work that involves my interaction with the world via media, total-environment, writing, teaching, performance, collaboration, and conceptual art I have stated and embodied the same intent. At times, it has been clear to many and at other times, it has been clear only to me. Operating independently as a working artist, writer, and teacher, I have emphasized particular aspects of conceptual existential aesthetics at particular times and in specific situations. For the past decade or so, working collaboratively, anonymously, and with pseudonyms seemed to me the most direct method of addressing the exploration of aspects of identity integral to the overall project. More recently, I have reoccupied the local, regional, and global spaces with my birth name in order to approach the thing from the outside in again.This year’s purely conceptual projects include my contribution to the New Arts Program’s Exhibition of Small Works, where I exhibited a brief description of doing nothing as art. I created the web site http://www.nothingasart.com as a global instance of the nothing-as-art project and published conceptual work here and elsewhere. In addition, later this season, I will do a video dialog as collaborative concept art with James Carroll on New Arts Alive TV.From this point forward, it should be clearer to ARTology readers that this blog is – and has always been – an ongoing collaborative conceptual project executed by my readers and me – because life is art.

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