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Autumn poems

I’m reposting my fall poems for those who have requested them.*Getting rough out here.The cicadas of late summer are silent.Their crisp skins, strewn aroundmixed with acorns, lifeless leaves.My path is crossed by doomed survivors- old bees getting a final buzz off of their chests- limping crickets fooled by mid-day sun- crazy drunken flies in kamikaze loopsThe praying mantis I spypoised on a fire escape downtownhas no religion.And the green katydid flying toward me with impossible wingsis unnervingThese squirrels are way ahead of me.Summer was just a dreamand they knew it.*sound underfoot once, sound was all above mebuzz of crickets, shrill cicadasshook the treesabsent nowinstead it’s the sharp crunch of insect bodies mixed with acornsbeneath my bootsthere’s old leaves tooone day they’re tree-bound and wind-rustledand the next day they show updown herethis transference seems fraught with some meaningthat’s beyond me like the warmth that slips farther away each dayI know it is gravitythat does itbut it seemsmuch heavier than that*Late in October Playing the odds of one more warm dayThe last katydid is hanging toughWhile a mantis prepares for hara-kiriNervous chipmunks pool intelligenceThey’re drawing up secret maps And hiding them in burrows I hear each year they forgetWhere they’ve stashed themAnd so must struggle like the rest of usBlinded by frozen eyelidsStumbling, falling Toward utter hibernationSquirrels are in my face Staring right through mePeering for nuts I may have hiddenbehind my earsI guess I’m no threat nowCompared to what’s comingThe ones who can’t take the pressurethrow themselves in front of cats*Fault for the Fall You’re just being cruel nowWe really did all we couldTo pretty things up around hereA lot of us are trying to pick up after youBut it’s a lost cause and we know itLeaves are strewn aroundWith no concern for what’s getting clogged upDon’t you know the rain needs somewhere to go?Treeloads of berries are just rotting on the groundThe sidewalks are all stickyAnd it’s starting to smellWe have to live here, you knowIt’s cold, tooGetting fat is making senseAlready, some of us are starting to give inThose white flakes you threw in my face todayWere an insult, weren’t they?Not only thatYou threw my hat in the dirtWhen I walked out the doorAnd this killing spree of yoursGoes on and onI know for a factThe doe on the highway Was innocent*Unappreciated Sticking to my boot heelsSoft flesh of rain-pelted trees Downed too early, the newspaper saidTo show the very best of fall colorAnother failure like thisAnd the whole year will endIn the middle of DecemberInstead of just freezingIt will be two weeks Of absolute zeroAnd no light at allThen we’ll be sorry We criticized Autumn’s best effort*words and image: TFDimage: our place in space, autumnal, TFD

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