As a conceptual artist, much of my work involves explaining my work. That’s a worthwhile thing to do and is a meta-concept piece in itself.The essential concept works I am creating fall into three categories: Identity, Life as Art, Nothing as Art..The Identity Project has as its subject, the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of multiple personae and their various interrelationships. Life as Art includes concsciousness: perception, conceptualization, behavior, and the whole of existential and metaphysical experience.Nothing as Art has to do with the separation of aesthetic experience from the material world. This work moves from the dematerialized art object to a pure nonobjective conception.**************************************************************************************PRESS RELEASE – Tullio Francesco DeSantis Two NEW Media EventsNUMBER 1:Tullio Francesco DeSantis’ New Arts Alive Conceptual ExperienceIdentity-based conceptual dialog-as-performance with James Carroll and viewers (via telephone).November 14 – New Arts AliveLive Cable Broadcast: BCTV – New Arts Alive – Tues. Nov 14 – 5:00 p.m.Including Live Call-inComcast Reading Channel 13Comcast Hamburg Channel 16Service Electric Cablevision Channel Channel 20VCR Plus Channel 28Regional Rebroadcasts: Fri, 11/17: 7:00 p.m.; Sat, 11/18: Noon; Wed, 11/22 – 8:00 a.m.Broadcast on Berks, Phila, and NYC regional cable systems.**************************************************************************************.PRESS RELEASE – Tullio Francesco DeSantis Two NEW Media EventsNUMBER 2:Tullio Francesco DeSantis’ WEEU Feedback Live Conceptual ExperienceIdentity-based conceptual dialog-as-performance piece with Mike Faust and listeners (via telephone).November 22 – WEEU 830 AM – Feedback show with Mike Faust11:00 – 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, November 22, 2006*TFD

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