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something from nothing

* digital image-TFD, 2006

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First Answers

1. The ontological question:Ontology concerns the true nature of what is real.The question, “What is Real? is the ontological question.In some ways, it is the only question.Seeking an answer, however, can include other questions.Who is asking the question?What is the nature of the questioner?In what context does the question arise?What relationships exist between the questioner and that being questioned.2. The epistemological question:Epistemology is concerned with knowledge.How do we gain knowledge?What is true knowledge.What is false knowledge?How knowledge is achieved is related to what is real.The epistemological question is directly related to the ontological question.3. The ethical question:Ethics involves what is right, good, and proper.Therefore ethics is also concerned with what is wrong, bad, and improper.Ethical discussions follow naturally from the manner in which the first two philosophical questions are dealt with.What is good and bad depends on what is.Knowing what is good or bad depends on how knowledge is achieved.4. The aesthetic question:Aesthetics defines the beautiful.The beautiful is intimately involved with the good.As such aesthetics is dependent upon ontology, epistemology, and ethics.5. The political question:Politics involves putting the truths revealed by solutions of the first four questions into action in human society.How political action is defined is dependent upon how one answers the questions of what is real, true, good, and beautiful.

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First Questions

1: What is the nature of the self?2: What is the nature of the universe?3: What is the nature of consciousness?4: What are states of consciousness?5: How can one explore various states of consciousness?6: Can we achieve some personal understanding of the ultimate philosophical questions? a.The ontological question: what is real? b.The epistemological question: how can we know what is real? c.The ethical question: What is good? d.The aesthetic question: what is beautiful? e.The political question: How should we govern ourselves?7: What is the nature and purpose of life?8: What is the significance and meaning of death?

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We have immediate access to the most sophisticated research tool for coming to an understanding of human consciousness. Our brains are able to examine their internal methodologies as well as they are equipped to perceive and conceive of the outside world.A step-at-a-time approach to working through the operation of the various states of consciousness available to us can be a valuable resource toward comprehending how things work in this particular universe and perhaps in universes in general.As the focus of our experience, our mental processes are the place to start. Having an inner understanding of the workings of our minds seems to me to be the key to understanding all things within and beyond it.An existential approach to philosophy and comprehending matters of the mind ought to be suitable. Since the object of study is the same as that which does the research, apprehension, and comprehension, is it really necessary to use third-party tools? I don’t think so.We have what we need to comprehend the mysteries of the mind and the universe squarely on our shoulders. It’s a perfect situation.

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I will die one day

I am old and I will die one dayIt’s time to come clean.I am good looking enough to know looks are worth nothingAnd wealthy enough to have figured out it has no value.I am intelligent and know I can never be smart enough.I see far enough to see an end.It’s not comforting to know Hearing this will not set you free.Freedom is not for us in this life.We cannot be other than we are.We pass our time with useless thingsAs if we live forever.It’s our bodies doing this.Our minds know very well we die.But our bodies refuse to hear it.Our bodies desire the useless things.We go about our days in service to these dumb limbs Serving them endless amounts of what they desire But does not sustain themMaking them as comfortable as possible, as they demand it.Because they refuse to accept they will die.Our brilliant minds are filled with petty annoyance.That’s our lazy bodies talkingConstantly forcing us to confront ourselves in mirrorsSo we can see the damage we’re doing.And while we know love is the answer,We are faced with the hard factWe can only be loved to the degree we love ourselves.And we do not love ourselves.We are our bodies.And because they are such stupid brutesThey are utterly unlovable.The secret of life is life.We all possess it for a while.And we knowLike everything elseIt is nothing at all.*Words by TFD

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identity project

It is shatteringly obvious to me that a new identity project is in order.In other words, it is time for a new me.

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nothing as art piece

The intervening space/time between the previous entry and this one is neither art nor is it not art.

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