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We have immediate access to the most sophisticated research tool for coming to an understanding of human consciousness. Our brains are able to examine their internal methodologies as well as they are equipped to perceive and conceive of the outside world.A step-at-a-time approach to working through the operation of the various states of consciousness available to us can be a valuable resource toward comprehending how things work in this particular universe and perhaps in universes in general.As the focus of our experience, our mental processes are the place to start. Having an inner understanding of the workings of our minds seems to me to be the key to understanding all things within and beyond it.An existential approach to philosophy and comprehending matters of the mind ought to be suitable. Since the object of study is the same as that which does the research, apprehension, and comprehension, is it really necessary to use third-party tools? I don’t think so.We have what we need to comprehend the mysteries of the mind and the universe squarely on our shoulders. It’s a perfect situation.

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