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First Answers

1. The ontological question:Ontology concerns the true nature of what is real.The question, “What is Real? is the ontological question.In some ways, it is the only question.Seeking an answer, however, can include other questions.Who is asking the question?What is the nature of the questioner?In what context does the question arise?What relationships exist between the questioner and that being questioned.2. The epistemological question:Epistemology is concerned with knowledge.How do we gain knowledge?What is true knowledge.What is false knowledge?How knowledge is achieved is related to what is real.The epistemological question is directly related to the ontological question.3. The ethical question:Ethics involves what is right, good, and proper.Therefore ethics is also concerned with what is wrong, bad, and improper.Ethical discussions follow naturally from the manner in which the first two philosophical questions are dealt with.What is good and bad depends on what is.Knowing what is good or bad depends on how knowledge is achieved.4. The aesthetic question:Aesthetics defines the beautiful.The beautiful is intimately involved with the good.As such aesthetics is dependent upon ontology, epistemology, and ethics.5. The political question:Politics involves putting the truths revealed by solutions of the first four questions into action in human society.How political action is defined is dependent upon how one answers the questions of what is real, true, good, and beautiful.

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