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first class

Getting back to teaching after a long vacation. Each time it seems to be more necessary. Early classes involve learning relaxation, stresslessness, positive thinking, and open-mindedness as methods toward creative living. I indicate these are achievable and highly valuable states of mind and they can be applied to the demanding situations in which we find ourselves while living in the world.Before one begins the process of learning to draw one must first become familiar with the differences between our ordinary method of “looking at things” and actually “seeing things.” To that extent, my class is a class in perception. To study perception is to study the way our senses can be fooled by visual, aural, spatial illusions. Understanding how and why these illusions affect us and affect our perception and thinking comes next. In order to become a creator of illusion, an artist must first understand the nature of the components of both what is illusion and what is real.Class last evening was a coming together – a situation for me to recall the steps involved in moving to more integrated ways of being conscious and how best to pass these methodologies on to my students.Teaching is not something I do for money – I don’t need the money. It is something I do to keep me close to the source of my own self-discoveries and to offer them as useful and valuable to others – others who have already made some real commitments to learning.

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