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need to feed

Unless your head is tightly pressed between a pair of pillows, you’ve heard about the current news flash in which a mother breastfeeding her baby at the Berkshire Mall caused some significant reaction. As I see it, there are two main points in this story that need to be examined. I will take a look at both of them.I have friends who think there’s nothing more important than their first amendment rights. Coincidentally, they happen to be the rudest and crudest friends I have. I’ve always figured there was a correlation there but maybe not. Most of my other friends understand that there are some situations where reason, societal well-being, and even decorum rule us better than our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.Weighing in on all this, in my one hand I hold the meaty substance of belief in our freedom of expression and action and in my other hand I hold the slippery matter of when it is well and proper to defer to others’ well-being and sense of decorum. Probing these two compelling views I feel some touchy issues.I’m not here to support either side. Both have their own appeal. I simply find our reactions fascinating. I suppose we have lots of rights. But the fact is, I rarely see many people calling much attention to themselves, acting on the fringe of acceptability, or making a big deal out of things.I have no interest in stating the obvious. I’m sure the Berkshire Mall Breast Feeder has some sort of right to do her thing in public. How interesting is that really? That’s what makes me come to some conclusions. It’s getting a lot of press because we love to talk about breasts. We also love to trumpet what we should or shouldn’t be doing. In short, we love breasts and we also love to get things off our chests.This Saturday at 1 p.m. we’ll be treated to a nurse-in, breast-in, feed-in, or whatever other clever name folks will be coming up with to identify a group of people dedicated to breast feeding, female rights, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. It does promise to be a bit of a circus – meat market even. I assume it will be like a rock concert where the audience holds their camera phones aloft, so they can participate in the action and perhaps snatch a souvenir of the event. Me? I’m a big supporter.See you at the mall…

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