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The Overwhelming Power of the Natural Woman

*Image: Stacilyn Bellemare and Lukas.*Attending the “nurse-in” held at the Berkshire mall this afternoon was as memorable as any of my more transformative life experiences. I was following up on my promise to attend the event as posted in my previous entry here. I had a bit of fun with that one – mainly to inject some humor into a situation which had become bogged down in political rhetoric, harsh language, and quickly polarizing viewpoints.What state of mind was I in when I crossed the entranceway to the commercial Mecca that is our own little upscale mall? I was looking forward with curiosity and an interest in cultural history. To attend an event where 100 women promised to breastfeed their children all in one place and time just seemed like a “must-experience” experience.Center Court began filling up about 12:30. By 1:00 p.m. the occasion had the makings of a historic regional event. Hundreds of curious onlookers crowded the railings on the second floor, where a bird’s eye view of the festivities was available. Even though there was a feeble attempt at banning photography from the second floor, the few guards there were fighting a losing battle. I descended the winding staircase and became a part of the mixed crowd of adults, infants, toddlers, breastfeeding mothers, some demure and others quite brazen; enthusiastic “lactivists” holding petitions, handing out leaflets; a large cast of supportive family and friends; blatantly voyeuristic males; and a full complement of journalists.And at some point, it hit me. Besides women claiming their right to nurse their children in public there was something so naturally sexy and erotic in the air that it seemed downright Dionysian. I was reminded of suffragette rallies, flower power, feminists (at the point at which they actually were burning their bras), be-ins, love-ins, and the pure natural power of movements in which strong, proud, freedom loving women were at the forefront. The sheer overwhelming force of the feminine ruled at Berkshire Mall today. It overcame all opposition by simply being what it is – natural, life-giving, mothering, nurturing, beautiful, attractive, sensitive, sensual, loving, erotic, empowered, and empowering. As I left the scene, I felt energized and inspired. It was clear to anyone with open eyes, open mind, and an open heart.Today, these women ruled!* width=”230″ height=”184″ /> width=”230″ height=”184″ /> width=”230″ height=”184″ /> *Berkshire Mall Nurse-in, 022407. All images, TFD 2007

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