Mass Media Irresponsibility

I must say I applaud the extent of media bashing that has become a significant aspect of the Va Tech tragedy. Again we find ourselves experiencing a crucial sociocultural moment in which the self-serving, mercenary, and blood-stained hands of media hypocrites are taking refuge behind the skirts of constitutionally protected freedoms while exhibiting no comprehension that actual freedom is inextricable from actual responsibility.Those who miss these points unwittingly promote the ever-increasing power of popular mass media to inspire and motivate negatively the weakest and least rational people in our midst.

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One response to “Mass Media Irresponsibility

  1. Sana

    I have to say I agree with you. I find that this constant news cycle we are forced to endure turns a normal report of facts into an all-out “disaster-porn” free-for-all. So many stations are focused on getting the “scoop” that they forget the people they are interviewing have just gone through one of the most traumatic events in their life. I was especially horrified at the coverage of the Newton shootings. Every reporter and producer that thought it was appropriate to shove a camera into the face of a child after that should have their minds checked.

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