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The Full Monty as presented by the Alpha/Omega Players

The well-wrought musical production of The Full Monty running at the Alpha/Omega Players theater is a memorable and rewarding experience. The musical, an adaptation set in America, of the 1997 British film of the same name was produced on Broadway in 2000. In all its varied aspects, this particular interpretation of the book by Terrence McNally (with David Yazbek’s exuberant score) does exemplify why the original show was nominated for Tony Awards in nearly every relevant category. The Full Monty creates a credible atmosphere of economic and social distress and the impact these conditions have on working families. But rather than a veiled lecture about the difficult, depressing, and desperate lives such times produce, we are shown humanity, camaraderie, and goodness as exemplified by men and women experiencing hard times. The fact that a group of these individuals find a unique creative solution to their immediate problems is thoroughly inspiring. We learn to laugh with them and vicariously experience the seriocomic situations they both create and find themselves in. New relationships between men and men and men and women develop naturally. Distinctions of class fall away. Differences of age disappear. The Full Monty is about all these things.Make no mistake however; the mise en scène is suffused with sexuality. But rather than present the kind of objectified rubber-doll sexuality proffered by most popular media, The Full Monty offers a version of the sexuality we actually experience in our daily lives. This is one of the show’s most significant virtues. Because we can see ourselves in these characters, we learn to relax and laugh at things we have become much too repressed and serious about. This is worth far more to us than the unrealistic sexually charged commercial fantasies to which we are inured.*More information at Alpha/Omega Players*Image: Reading Eagle: Richard Patrick

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