Low Rent Birds

I fall for common birdsMy youth misspentWith bushtits and boobiesRobin seduced meEach and every springI loved her For her breast aloneI’m still thrilled by starlingsSimple silhouettesWith little hearts as grandAs the beating coresOf brilliant eagles That have no time to flirtAll birds are lovebirdsEqual in the blue eyesOf the empty sky

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One response to “Low Rent Birds

  1. Bobby

    What made me comment on this post was the way it was written. The way you placed your words and use your spaces is so unique and I have never seen anything like it. This is not a bad thing however, in fact I believe it works very well with this message. Perhaps there is more to this post then I am truly understanding, but what I do see, I enjoy very much. It flows very graceful, yet has much passion.

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