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Virginville Film Festival – it's an easy subculture

This past weekend, I had the unique pleasure of attending the early summer 2007 version of the Virginville Film Festival.. By happenstance it was held on a fabulous evening in June – June 30 to be exact – the evening of the month’s second full moon – a blue moon.The film fest is held outdoors in a verdant valley surrounded by lush farmland and surrounding a lovely green pond at its nadir. Started three years ago by Eric de Jesus, his collaborative art partner Elizabeth Duby, and Wayne Miller, the festival is centered upon a community of local, regional, and international artists. It is about making and distributing radically independent cinema. What I like most about this group of artists is that they often operate anonymously in various collaborative and individual projects; they use pseudonyms; and they front a multifaceted Internet presence that bridges much of the traditional web with the social-networking interconnectedness of web 2.0. In a general way, aesthetic anarchy and political libertarianism, inform their collective presentations. The artists are more than anything else, individualists in thought and action.The movies on view ranged from introspective cinematic imagery to zany country-boy humor. Filmakers brother JT, shellito, nagle, miller, de Jesus, duby, reed, rosario, spore, mcnally, kresge, et. al. animated the big screen in ways that ranged from politically provacative and psychologically incisive to more introverted expositions defining inner spaces of consciousness. A few of the pieces were absolutely funny. In fact, when it comes to alternative culture – I’m all in favor of funny.Elizabeth Duby’s Hexenwolf II is a drum-tight piece of creepy hilarity. Done in a send-up style oddly reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, Duby’s followup to last year’s initial Hexenwolf installment is a complete and total howl – in the best lunatic baying-at the moon sense of the word. Actually, it’s funnier than that. You’ve got to see it. Fortunately, you can catch Duby’s first installment of the Hexenwolf saga by following one of her numerous web links, such as this one.From my perspective, the most significant piece of cinematography was Eric de Jesus’ My Heart and I Agree. An intercontinental traveler, de Jesus fills his work with shattered, splintered, reshaped, spliced slices of trans-global vision. Often urban, underground, techno imagery is interspersed with natural form, human utterance, and harsh or ethereal sound. His work is best described as multilayered – visually, aurally, and conceptually. The fact that these good people eschew wealth and fame in favor of more personal aesthetic experience could very well be their most significant contribution to our culture. Many of the artists and their works are available and accessible by simply clicking links among their various interconnected web sites. Eric de Jesus has hinted that there may be a late-summer or early fall festival this year. How about urging him to do so? Check out the sites I linked up above and also http://www.easysubculture.com. I have a feeling that if we make an effort to contact de Jesus and his collaboratrors, we may be able to cast decisive votes on whether or not he holds a fall 2007 festival. BTW, this is the kind of loosely knit community arts group that we should be supporting with our contributions of love and money.*images by easysubculture

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