Perfect Happens – The Biscuit Burners Bluegrass Band

The foothills of the mountain that rise through my city are midsummer green. Overhead, a waxing crescent moon echoes the pastel arcs of the bandshell before me. I am transfixed. I am moved. An elegant ecstasy of sound surrounds me. I sense I am experiencing rare moments of perfection.Artists endeavor to transcend themselves and in so doing to inspire others toward a transcendence of their own. This is the beginning and end of it. And it happens sometimes. It is always an astonishment when it does.*Friday night was one stunner of a summer evening at our nonpareil venue for listening to music – Reading’s City Park Bandshell. My old friend “East Side” Dave Kline sang and stomped and picked and yee-hawed a snazzy song about a bear and a man to warm us up for the headline band. I’ve always taken Dave at his word, period. But his introductory description of The Biscuit Burners seemed so highly complimentary that I must admit I did wonder – just for a moment – if this group of bluegrass musicians could actually be as all-around excellent as Dave claimed.And as true as you’re sitting there reading this – it’s true. The Biscuit Burners are that good!*I don’t see a strong reason to restate or to put my own spin on all the great things that have already been said about this band. Instead, I urge you to check out their web site, read the press kit, visit the band’s myspace pages, and listen to their songs.I suggest you considerably improve the quality of your life by purchasing a cd or two? I have. And I’m a better man for having done it.*If you haven’t been following Bluegrass music lately, it has evolved far beyond its traditional roots. These days, there are even a few new names to describe it. But because they are newer, because they are younger, and because they are simply so aesthetically advanced, The Biscuit Burners’ music is beyond pre-existing categories.*There’s one thing though. To get to where they’re going, they will have to transcend the limitations of their name. I have a feeling they may accomplish this as thoroughly and convincingly as did one other quite perfect band with a barely adequate name -The Beatles. History doesn’t just happen. People have to make it. The Biscuit Burners are making musical history right now. I know because I heard them do it – just last night. *Image: The Biscuit Burners at Merlefest 2006 by Coke Whitworth

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