ARTology Area Arts Bulletin August 2, 2007

As a new feature of this blog, I’ll be listing and occasionally reviewing selected offerings of area arts venues. As faithful ARTology readers know, art and culture reviews have always been a part of what we do here. The new Area Arts Bulletin feature will be more comprehensive and formalized. Of course it will also be an evolving venture – just like everything else in this world.So to get things started, here are just a few hyperlinks to introduce you to some of the cultural venues that will be highlighted in upcoming ARTology Area Arts Bulletins.*The Berks Arts Council website offers a most comprehensive listing of the Reading/Berks art and culture scene. Here’s a link to the Art’s Council’s Arts Directory. *Reading’s Downtown Improvement District promotes and presents excellent cultural events. Check out the weekly offerings of the MidDay Café right in the heart of downtown.The DID is currently running a Beautiful Buildings of Downtown Reading competition, in which we can all participate. Here’s a link to the nomination form.*Reading’s Goggleworks is chock full of opportunities to enrich your cultural life. Why not stop in and take advantage a few of them? Goggleworks is a very cool place and we are fortunate to have it here in our fair city.* I suggest you visit often the website of one of our most venerable and noteworthy cultural institutions, The Reading Public Museum. Currently, among its offerings, the museum is hosting the Berks Art Alliance Regional Juried Exhibition for 2007.*Ron Schira’s YouTube video site, offers views of contemporary regional artists, including Ron himself. Tune in to this web 2.0 extravaganza for art and culture news, interviews, and more.*Who knows? ARTology’s Area Arts Bulletins could give you the inspiration to change your life for the better by presenting information that can broaden your perspective and immeasurably add to your experience!

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