*Summer wanes. During this time of season, I consider poetry. Now I begin again by recasting a few poems from summers past. I will post them here as they stand. It should get things moving again.*The secret of life is life.Knowing we dieDoes not set us freeFreedom is not for us in this life.We cannot be other than we are.We pass our time with useless thingsAs if we live forever.It is our bodies doing this.Our minds know very well we die.But our bodies refuse to hear it.Our bodies desire the useless things.We go about our days in service to these dumb limbs Serving them endless amounts of what they desire But does not sustain themMaking them as comfortable as possible, as they demand itBecause they refuse to accept mortality.Our brilliant minds are filled with petty annoyance.That’s our lazy bodies talkingConstantly forcing us to confront ourselves in mirrorsSo we can see the damage we’re doing.Though we know love is the answer,We are faced with the hard factWe can only love and be loved to the degree we love ourselves.And we do not love ourselves.We are our bodies.And because they are such stupid brutesThey are utterly unlovable.I am good looking enough to know looks are worth nothingAnd wealthy enough to have figured out it has no value.I am intelligent and know I can never be smart enough.I see far enough to see an end.I see right through it.And like everything elseIt is nothing at all.


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2 responses to “Poetry…again

  1. Gabriella Wertheim

    In class you have discussed how our bodies are trained at birth to have a constant desire of consuming things around us. You suggested, “Our bodies desire the useless things”, our minds are well aware of what we are doing but our bodies are in constant “serving them endless[ly]”. The world around us has taught the human mind to be consumers and to make us feel uncomfortable. You state in line 14, “we do not love ourselves”; we don’t because we are taught by television, magazines and billboards that we are not okay the way we are. As you said in class again, that the people who are making the most money are studying the human mind in how it ticks and what it is attracted to; well they have successfully made a consuming world and now we cant stop the process of consuming because if we stop we really wont love ourselves. For the future we all will need more and more because this is what we were taught. We may know that we are good looking, or have good wealth, or even have everything we ever wanted. But we will always want more and will always thing negatively about ourselves because of what the past generation has created.

    • Strong thoughts, Gabriella. I appreciate the depth of your analysis. Trained from birth, yes, we are. With such lives, is it any wonder we know so little about ourselves…except, of course, our weaknesses?

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