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New Venue: The First Days of the Miller Center

*On Sunday evening, I attended the initial public offering staged at the new Miller Center of Reading Area Community College. It was a thoroughly satisfying and entertaining event.Cirque le Masque orchestrated the mise en scene with extraordinary human performance, moving multicolor sets, and a light-and-sound experience that showcased the visual and aural capabilities of the entire theatre as an aesthetic instrument in its own right.The “Masque” troupe is a more scaled-down vehicle than other similar, albeit more spectacular, troupes, such as Cirque du Soliel. Fortunately for me and many other audience members who do not require superstellar spectacle or extreme entertainment for our aesthetic enjoyment, this was a human-scale show. And as I and other members of my species are also human-scale, it was a perfect fit. There is still time to be a part of the start of this great new place for the arts in the heart of downtown Reading. The Miller Center is currently hosting five days of celebratory events.If you haven’t been down recently to where the river meets the town, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and duly amazed at the new sense of cosmopolitan culture that’s rising ‘round the banks of the old Schuylkill. It’s a veritable Reading Renaissance!*

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