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ARTology and Everything Astute ARTology readers comment that in its own curious way, this blog addresses the significant philosophical questions of human existence – sometimes explicitly and quite often implicitly, as a matter of course. This has to do with the fact that the question of art (or more precisely creative action and apprehension) inquires as to how something comes to exist in a situation where previously there was nothing of the sort. In other words, the creative act is an instance of creatio ex nihilo and, as such, a discussion of how art comes into being is a subset or superset of the philosophical question of how anything – or everything – comes into being. At this point we are thoroughly involved in the philosophical questions of human existence. Examining the past one-hundred and seventy-seven entries here, it becomes apparent that the philosophical thrust of ARTology is a cyclical endeavor. The questions of how things come into being and how individuals can learn to execute creative action and apprehension are initially laid out. Subsequently, several dozen entries examine the territory from various perspectives, such as pure speculation, prima facie works of art – in which I conjure up something material and conceptual related to the subjects at hand, examples from the history of art and civilization, ways in which the issues are dealt with in various exhibitions of art and cultural phenomena, lessons gleaned from methodologies I employ in my classes on art, and some things from my students’ experiences as well. * This year, I’ll focus more explicitly on addressing things in a systematic way – at least at first. And the reason for this is I am constructing something of a specific curriculum, in which my visual and conceptual art, writing, teaching, blogging, podcasting, and performing will be more consciously focused. As always, in addition to my students, astute readers, listeners, and viewers of ARTology, ARTologyPOD, YouTube, iTunes, and other venues will be able to continue commenting, providing feedback, and actually co-creating this eminently aesthetic endeavor of which I feel very privileged to be a part.

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