The New Art of Living, Part One



The New Art of Living: How to learn, be, and do everything

Part One: Sense and Sensorium

Consciousness exists as a total-surround, total-immersion sensorium.

Our senses deliver continuous perception of the outer world, our bodies, thoughts, and feelings.

Because the brain is continuously filtering out unnecessary experience and working to keep us focused on whatever conscious activity we are engaged in at any moment, it is more exact to state that we inhabit a mentally constructed model of the world. That is, we do not experience the world directly. A self-created virtual reality simulacrum is the only kind of reality we can experience at all.

Think of it this way…

Imagine walking down the street within a transparent egg-shaped membrane that, if we could see it, might resemble a portable 3D IMAX Dome which delivers sights, sounds, tastes, smells, thoughts, feelings – our entire sense of ourselves in space and inside of our bodies.

Although it takes some practice to see or feel the usefulness – or even the sense – of this metaphor, it turns out to be an essential tool in this “New Art of Living” we will be practicing in future installments of ARTology.


A distinction between what is “real” and what is “artificial” is one that can not be reliably drawn. In this sense, what is art and what is real are seen to be exactly the same. Similarly, the distinction between “reality” and “virtual reality” fades to a non sequitur.

These relationships become increasingly significant as we work to unravel the effects of mass media upon our consciousness and upon our lives. Rather than media being a secondary sort of reality that may safely be kept at arms length while we go about our lives attending to some imagined “primary” reality, by its very nature, media – as a simulacrum – has a powerfully invasive effect upon our perception. It is impossible to tell the difference between a cleverly crafted virtual experience and a so-called “real” one.*Gaining mastery over the ways in which we model our experience (and the ways in which it is modeled for us) allows us to create real change. What more is needed for us to learn, be, and do anything than to develop skills for creating new ways to experience the world and ourselves within it? This is what The New Art of Living is about – the fine art of reinventing ourselves.


Image: yes, Tullio Francesco DeSantis, digitized drawing, 01/19/2008


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2 responses to “The New Art of Living, Part One

  1. Bertha C.Rodriguez

    This painting reminds me of life forms seem under the microscope. The colors are like the colors of the rainbow. They are in constant motion live in groups. Like people, they do not want to be alone. Art truly reflects life on many different levels.

  2. king

    I found this painting very interesting i like how you chose to make one area lighter than the rest of the painting. The use of all the colors brings out the painting also.

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