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“The process of living is the process of reacting to stress.”
Stanley Sarnoff (1917-1990)


Creativity is something that naturally issues from a relaxed state of mind but the world as we have created it is not a place conducive to relaxation. On the contrary in fact, it is designed of stress, by stress, and for stress. As a product of our genetic heritage, the manmade world reflects the hyper-competitive history of Homo sapiens.

Our struggle is the mother of our stress. From the beginning we have nudged, shoved, punched, wrestled, pushed, pulled, and strong-armed our way toward the top of the tribe. Struggle is the story of life on earth. What is apparently unique to our species however, is our singularly strong socialized inability to relax. So it happens we must learn to relax.

And when this occurs to us, the next thing we learn is how very difficult a task it seems to be. So difficult, in fact, it is something we must be taught by someone who has mastered it or we need to learn to teach ourselves.

The supreme irony about the difficult task of learning to relax is that once mastered it is such a simple and easy thing to accomplish. It can be done in an instant. One simply allows it to occur.

The clear implication is relaxation does not occur because, in some crucial ways, we do not let it happen – that is we are in the habit of holding on to stress. As counterintuitive as this is, there is no other sensible explanation.

It really is a piece of good news. The most significant thing we can do to relax and move toward more peaceful, accepting, focused, and powerful states of mind is to simply relax. Even though it seems far too good to be true – it is. To rid oneself of the hazardous effects of stress…just let it go.


YouTube Video: Instant Relaxation, hypnojim

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