…let it go…


…let it go…

The subtle art of relaxation is the silent mother of the arts. Somewhere in the breast of even the most radical anarchist artist lies the sweet muse of sensitivity. Sensitivity is not achieved as action, bravura, dominance, daring, or aggression. Instead, sensitivity is born of passivity, acceptance, openness, submission. And sensitivity can not occur without relaxation. Our nerves respond best at rest. Moments of restfulness are thresholds of anticipation. To be at rest is to be ready to grow.

It is possible to let go of painful thoughts, emotions, memories, and the stresses of living. In fact, it is something that is done in an instant. The moment of release may have a long and painful past of holding on to hurt. But once the mind gives up its hold on painful things they disappear immediately.

Why do we hold on to painful thoughts, emotions, memories, and stress? We do so because we do not know how to stop experiencing them. It is a cognitive issue. We have tried many times to make ourselves feel better. Earnestly, we have tried to let go of pain. And we have failed enough to believe it is either not possible or elusively difficult.

These words exist to declare the possibility of release from the hold our pain has on us – ironically, because of the hold we have on our pain.


Many of the traumatic experiences of our lives occur in an instant. Yet we carry them with us for years. We re-experience them each time something reminds us of the circumstances in which we first encountered traumatic events. Replayed in our minds, they paralyze us from moving forward, from getting past them, from growing and maturing beyond their limiting effects. Just as trauma can occur in an instant it can be overcome in an instant. Just as we learned to fear a thing as a result of a momentary experience we can release it in one moment. We can learn to do this.Next time – How to change your mind…


YouTube Video: Meditation, professorpitt

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