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The Real You

There is a calm center within us. It is that place where consciousness resides when we take a few moments to relax deeply. It has been called by many names over many millennia. But its value lies not in a particular name or descriptive designation. It is valuable to us because it is our sole true refuge from the cyclonic maelstrom of our lives.

The quiet place within us is not so difficult to reach once we have made up our minds to go there. All we need do is to separate our attention from the tidal wave of thoughts, feelings, sensations, impressions, information, and experience washing over us at any given instant and settle ourselves, focus inward, and be with our minds for a few moments.

In stillness we become aware of the unconscious processes of breath and heartbeat alive inside. With the mind freed from constantly attending to the pressures of the external world, we observe our endlessly spinning thoughts from a detached point of view.

From this inner vantage, we can see the senselessness of so much that surrounds us. We observe the incessant circularity of our thinking process with its repetition and apparent randomness. From here it is clear we are not our thoughts. Within the whirlwind of life’s experience there lies a calm center. The true self is within reach.

This is a small goal – easily achieved. And for now, that is all that’s needed. Take a few moments to find that place within. Do this daily. Become familiar with the easy rhythms of your body – the ebb and flow of breath, the slow steady beating of your heart. Find your awareness there in a way that allows you to return with some regularity.

For now, that’s all there is to do. If you need some incentive to pursue this little task, I’ll pass on to you a secret about myself. This calm center within me is the most profound experience in my life. I find it to be the source of my creativity, my strength, my true value to myself and to others. I’m taking this time to pass it on to you. And you may pass it on to someone else…

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Dark Energy and Dark Matter


The universe as it is described by current science is composed of the following:
More than 72 percent Dark Energy.
23 percent Dark Matter
4 percent hydrogen and helium.
.03 percent heavy elements

In other words, over 95 percent of the universe consists of unknown, unobserved, indirectly inferred, hypothetical energy and material. All of science deals with only the 4.03 percent of the universe that is made up of hydrogen, helium, and the heavier elements. That 4.03 percent is what we are composed of as well.
Dark energy and matter can not be observed directly. Their existence is inferred by perturbations in the fields of matter and energy comprising the known universe. While their existence can be inferred, no further knowledge of the nature of dark energy and dark matter is available at this time.
digital image by TFD: Dark Energy Dark Matter, 2008
Some research references for Dark Matter and Dark Energy:

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