Sit quietly now…

Consider the simplest realities of being alive and aware. See the world surrounding you in all of its three-dimensional clarity. Note your acuity of vision, hearing, smell, and touch. You are in the midst of a sea of sensations at all times. Your experience moves outward like concentric circles of awareness from near to far. You exist within a veritable sensorium and there at the center – at the very center of your being – resides your awareness.
Observe the difference between awareness and thinking. They are not the same thing at all – not the same process. Awareness is simple experience, observation, monitoring all that occurs in the present moment. Thinking is the process of abstracting experience into language, sound, feeling, image – the bits and patterns of thought and emotion. Thought considers the past and the future. Awareness considers only the present.

What we’re concerned with here in these moments of reflection is coming to better understand the place of pure awareness within us – and to become more familiar with getting there and being there. It is always right here – nearby and available.

The place where you are most truly and unconditionally yourself, that calm place within can be a source of strength and power – the foundation of a newer, truer, more creative you.

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