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Living Creatively

Creativity occurs in the present moment. Living creatively, your life becomes a work of art – a consciously crafted movement of positive energy in which you are guided by feelings of positive inspiration rather than impulses motivated by the desire to negate feelings of inadequacy. Acting in the present is – by definition – acting creatively. Without the baggage of the past, your full human potential is available.

What you notice when you observe your thoughts from within is that they are disordered, random, often negative and defeatist. This is the result of years of conditioning in which you have been told you do not measure up to external standards imposed upon you by others – family, peers, cultural institutions, mass media.

You have been told many times that you do not measure up, that you are somehow deficient, that you lack some necessary qualities without which you can not succeed. This nonsense has become so much a part of your self-image that you do not think to question it. Instead, you find evidence all around you to prove your flawed nature. Everywhere you assess others to be better and more successful than yourself.

Advertisers strive to inculcate further negative self-image messages in order to create desire for products. You are led to believe you are not beautiful enough, not strong enough, and not well enough to be happy without possessing the things that are marketed to you. You fall prey to these messages because you feel insecure and have come to identify with a flawed self-image.

But you are not who you think you are. You are not a flawed creature filled with self doubt and conditioned by years of negative messages. That is not a person – it is a fictional identity. It exists because you have succumbed to it and believe it to be a description of your essential self.


However, now that you have experienced the real you, the space of silent witnessing awareness within you has become a familiar experience in your life. With practice, you have become more able to easily experience your inner self as a zone apart from the welter of the world and the world-wound thoughts spinning endlessly within you.

This inner sanctuary is available anytime you need the strength and power that comes from being clear and feeling centered, focused, and calm. From this sense of your truest self arises a wellspring of creativity which can serve you well for the rest of your life.

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