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multiple me

One of the things we are fairly solid about is our identity. On the one hand, we accept as axiomatic that we have a “true self.” Paying attention to the many and varied ways we present ourselves to the world yields at least several instances in which our internal and external senses of identity perform and appear as if they were closed systems of consciousness of their own..In some ways it is more sensible to think of ourselves as gestalts of various and separate functional personas that cover particular fields of action and introspection.

I’m in the midst of a miracle – a mysterious epiphany. This year things appear to be coming full-circle. Aspects of my life that I’ve compartmentalized as separate aesthetic entities are conflating into a more thoroughly evolved field. My current view is integrative, unified.

Sometimes it is better to simply point to something than to explain it. So allow me to take this moment to share it with you in the following manner. It’s all here. It changes every day. And you are a part of it. Thanks for that.

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