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Quantum Entanglement



The image above documents my contribution to the New Arts Program’s Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works for 2008 (on display from late spring through mid-summer).

“Quantum Entanglement,” the title of the piece, refers to one of the most strange and perplexing properties of the universe. It is both mathematically and experimentally verifiable on the subatomic scale that a pair of particles, such as two electrons, can share a relationship described as “entanglement.” In such a situation, the two particles can share information and respond to state changes between themselves at astronomical distances far faster than the speed of light – or potentially even, instantaneously.

Such a radical attribute of the known universe shakes even Einsteinian Physics to its foundations. And if the subatomic world is suffused by entangled particles and energies, then the entire universe shares in this quality. Entanglement denies the deepest comprehensible notions of both space and time – collapsing them into a kind of singularity. It is as if the Big Bang was not an instant of the remote past – more likely, it is a quality of the present moment.

And after all, why should it not be this way? To think the present moment is something other than the very crown of creation is to place that supreme achievement of the universe’s “coming into being” elsewhere. And where exactly could that be? The past? Where is the past? The future? As you know, the future never arrives. We always inhabit the present moment, do we not?

Take a look around you. This is what the Big Bang looks like. The universe is beginning now. And it is all connected – everything and everywhere – all at once. It is composed of all and everything, all potential, all probabilities and all possibilities, past and future resonating – spiraling infinitely both inward upon itself and outward into the great void, instantaneous and eternal…all happening right here and right now.

As you know, my interest in science is aesthetic and philosophical. And in the several decades I have been writing about the new physics, more and more scientists have arrived at similar appreciations and understandings of their disciplines. Consciousness, for example, once ruled out as unknowble and unmeasurable and nothing more than the electro-chemical end-process of the brain, is now often seen as central and crucial to the very existence of the quantum universe and the universe at large.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing more on the new physics and the quantum universe. My entries will be filled with experimentally verifiable facts and also current scientific and philosophical speculation about those facts. There will be much to call “strange” about all of this new science. After all, it was Albert Einstein himself, who called this entire new universe of scientific discourse, “spooky.”


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Image: “Quantum Entanglement,” Tullio Francesco DeSantis, concept piece, 2008.

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