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Patterns of Intelligence



Image: Tullio Francesco DeSantis, Intelligence, ink on paper, 2008


A project I’m working on involves a retrospective view of the past several decades of my work. Besides looking at the development of my personal views on things aesthetic, the opportunity presents itself to look at my past work from my current point of view.

I’m clear about what interests me now. And this involves being very specific when answering questions like “What is my work about?” or “What has my work been about at various times in the past?”

When I have been asked these questions, I have offered several types of responses – attempts to indicate my general aesthetic interests in things as revealed in my work. These range from my interest in aesthetic process, consciousness, the nature of reality as defined by science, philosophy, and spirituality, fields of energy, atomic and subatomic structure, the universe at large, and so forth. Additionally, I would have typically included the phrase, “patterns of intelligence” among my responses.

This has always been the phrase I have used to comprehend for myself exactly what it is that interests me. However, for some reason I have always seen a need to slip it in among a selection of other –more elaborate – words, concepts, and phrases.

Perhaps I thought the phrase “patterns of intelligence” could not stand on its own. And to be honest, the few times I have attempted to use it alone it has always produced a string of questions. These questions were requests for further explanation and elucidation – hence I came to include the string of “aesthetic interests” above. They are true as far as responses go but I have always been much more concise in terms of my own self-knowledge.

From now on however, if you ask me what motivates me to produce multimedia work, text, visual and conceptual art, all of it – I shall respond that I am interested in patterns of intelligence.


I’ll explore this idea more fully in future ARTology entries.



Image: Tullio Francesco DeSantis, Intelligence (detail), ink on paper, 2008


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