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Nothing Dies, Part 2: Beatitude

“Nothing dies…it all just goes in circles.”
-Keith Haring to Tullio Francesco DeSantis


“Big Bang,” 2008, by Tullio Francesco DeSantis



Drawing by Allen Ginsberg, 1994
Collection of Tullio Francesco DeSantis


Keith Haring, chalk drawing (detail), 1982
Photo by Tullio Francesco DeSantis
Art comes into the world as dreams issue forth in the mind.

Acts of creation share an underlying inspiration. They are the product of perception, cognition, and emotion – acts of world-changing will.

Within the continuous procession of inspired artists from cave painters to multimedia masters, poets and writers, playwrights and performers, there exists deep philosophical kinships. These affinities connect practitioners of the arts in ways that reveal deep truths about relationships between things as disparate as life and death, reality and illusion, physics and metaphysics.

A superluminal energy of endless and ecstatic renewal animates the poetics and aesthetics of Beatitude. In my life I have been the companion of many creative, spiritual, philosophical, and scientific persons. In retrospect, it is clear Keith Haring and Allen Ginsberg were the most beatific creatures to have touched my personal universe. And upon reflection, I see they serve as reminders for me that we issue from a single energetic source – a brilliant and joyous unity in which we all participate. It is the ethereal substance of life, love, peace, and good will.

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