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Keith is that you? Part 0: Are these early works of Keith Haring?

The following pictures represent most of the artworks said to be by Keith Haring that are in the collection of Victor and Sultana Lallouz of Montreal. In previous ARTology entries I have laid the foundation for several narratives surrounding these artworks. Within this context, I am presenting the images without additional comment. It is my hope they will inspire those who love Keith and his work to join in this ongoing journey of collaborative inquiry.


These paintings constitute a portion of 300 newly discovered artworks said to be by Keith Haring that are being bought and sold on the international art market. Whether or not they are actually by Keith is a significant aspect of ongoing ARTology entries.

Images: Collection of Victor and Sultana Lallouz

Note: Essential details of the story behind these artworks appear in Part 1 and
Part 10 of this series of ARTology blog entries.

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