Heart. Mind. Moment. Universe. These are one thing.




Our experience, as it unfolds, is seamless. Putting it into words, however, begins the process of breaking the continuous flow of experience into bits and pieces. This is not because experience is composed of bits and pieces but because words themselves reflect, express, and define experience as discontinuous.

Our lives are one single infinitely interconnected event.





Images by Tullio Francesco DeSantis

First image: Heart. Mind. Moment. Universe., ink drawing, 2009
Second Image: Universe. Moment. Mind. Heart., digital inversion image, 2009

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One response to “Heart. Mind. Moment. Universe. These are one thing.

  1. Shaniece Maldonado

    I understand when DeSantis mentioned “Our experience, as it unfolds, is seamless.” The connection starts from the heart, which connects to our brains that experience moments, and having the world judge our actions. In the first image, “Heart. Mind. Moment. Universe.” by DeSantis, shows how the center of the piece is darken where the heart of the photo is emphasized. In the second image, “Universe. Moment. Mind. Heart.” by DeSantis, shows an alternative view which emphasized starting from the universe all the way to the heart of the picture. However, both images determine there is a connection starting from either the heart, or with the universe since they are considered as one thing.

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