Seeing that words, symbols – even thoughts themselves – are essentially mistranslations of what they are intended to represent is a first step in moving toward greater understanding. In other words, when the mind is focused upon itself and its inner workings it can comprehend the nature of its own malfunctioning.

Our experience is, above all, unified. The panoply of impressions the universe delivers to our consciousness is continuous in the dimensions of spacetime. It is the limitations of our language, symbols, concepts – our means of representation and expression – that separate us from experiencing the unity and connectedness which characterize our true relationship to the universe and each other.

Notice the world as it appears to our senses. It is one single thing with an infinite number of connections and interrelationships. At any one moment we experience a unified field of sensation, reflection, cognition, awareness. Our breath is a point of physical connection with the world. Energetic photons enter our eyes and stimulate our brains. The vibrations of sound fill the air and touch our ears. Our skin exists in exchange with the world. We are sensoria – vibrations of the spacetime symphony.

It is us and we are it.

Video: Alan Watts, A Conversation with Myself, Part 1.

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