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Documenting the Project

Beginning this Sunday, May 17th, Victor Lallouz, the Canadian collector and filmmaker, will be in the area to initiate the filming and documentation of the project initiated by Keith Haring and me during the 1980s.


Lallouz’ interest in The Project, as Keith and I referred to it, was piqued by a study he initiated of Keith’s work and life. He began this work in earnest after he acquired – in partnership with two other art collectors also based in Canada – a collection of nearly 300 pieces of heretofore unknown artworks and a bill of sale – all bearing the signature “Keith Haring”.

The story of my involvement with Victor began with a phone call he made to me last spring. He said he had read my manuscript relating to The Project, entitled Reading Lies Dreaming. As the book represents my own efforts to come to terms with the esoteric and philosophical essence of the relationship I shared with Keith, it is esoteric and philosophical in the ways it conveys its messages.

Victor understands much of the content of these messages and during the subsequent months I have become convinced that he is a fellow traveler on the ancient path of esoteric wisdom.

As regards the works in Victor’s collection, I examined them during a trip to Montreal last year. My reaction was to urge Victor to continue his efforts toward researching their provenance and to move toward authentication by the Keith Haring Foundation.

Whether or not the works said to be by Keith are ultimately found to be authentic, The Project and the story of The Project continue. This is my interest in Victor’s work – and his interest in mine.


Between May 17 and May 20, Victor Lallouz and I will be meeting with individuals and arts organizations and on Tuesday, May 19, we can be heard on WEEU’s Newsmaker feature at 10:05 a.m. on the FEEDBACK show. (WEEU can be found at 830 on the AM dial).


Image: Keith Haring (detail) on inside cover drawing of Tullio’s copy of the catalog from Keith’s exhibition at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, 1982; collection of Tullio Francesco DeSantis

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