Catching stories and letting them breathe


This week, filmmaker Victor Lallouz, producer Ross Bracewell, and cinematographer Grigori Ozerski arrived from Montreal and have been working in our part of the world capturing many hours of visual imagery and sound. The experience of being followed by a film crew for 5 days – beginning Sunday evening and finishing up in the early hours of this morning proved to be at once inspiring and grueling.

The first narrative to emerge from Victor’s direction will be the story of The Project, a collaboration I shared with Keith Haring and have continued since his death. Toward that end, I offered access to my home, studio, personal collection, and archives for the opportunity to talk about and document the decade Keith and I were within each other’s sphere of consciousness and influence. Now, multitudinous digitized aspects of our work and our world share space on a few hard drives in Canada awaiting adjustment, arrangement, and editing.

Additionally, Victor continues to document the exciting story of his collection of art said to be a part of Keith’s early work that has been kept from public view for almost three decades. I have seen examples of Victor’s meticulous research and I believe it is time to bring the works to the attention of the art world, the audience, and ultimately to the Keith Haring Foundation for authentication.

As the two separate projects are moving forward simultaneously during this period, we worked with and met with representatives of the Reading Public Museum, Kutztown’s New Arts Program, and WEEU Radio to discuss current news and ongoing plans on both fronts. I was pleased to announce progress toward expanding the scope of my ongoing collaborative work. And Victor took the opportunity to provide additional background information on his research into the history of his collection.

The next iteration of work for Victor and crew involves creating short video destined for YouTube. Initial work is intended to stand alone and also preview more extensive projects being created for international distribution.

I’m back in the studio – and will be for a large part of the summer – working on new series of drawings, paintings, and multimedia projects. I am also consulting with Victor on the aspect of his work that involves documenting The Project.

At one of our meetings with James Carroll, founder of the New Arts Program, in discussing our mutual interest and involvement in Keith’s legacy, he urged us to “let it breathe.” As the Latin root for the word “inspiration” means “to breathe,” I can assure you that right now, both Victor and I are breathing most deeply.


Image: Victor Lallouz, Tullio DeSantis, and Grigori Ozerski filming outdoors at Tullio’s studio, May 20, 2009. (Photo credit: Susan Duby and Grigori Ozerski)

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