Dreaming makes it so…



My dream work began in earnest the day Keith Haring died. That night, I dreamed we met and continued the last conversation we had before his death. It was a lucid dream – I knew I was dreaming. And so the dream content included my observations regarding the oneiric nature of the experience and our discussion of the opportunities it provided us to further the philosophical dialog we conducted during his brief lifetime. Additionally, dream meetings would allow us to continue the metaphysical art project we initiated in the mid-1980s.

Subsequently, I began a systematic study of the scientific and philosophical literature relating to the dream state. And the unusual experience of the dream that occurred the day Keith died gave me added incentive to delve deeply into the nature of lucid dreaming. I researched the historical literature of East and West focusing on dreams and especially lucid dreams and I employed techniques ranging from meditation and self-hypnosis to the experimental techniques used by Stephen LaBerge, of Stanford University and the Lucidity Institute.



The results of the first phase of this work and the initial series of dream encounters with Keith Haring are recorded in Reading Lies Dreaming. And the most recent and continuing episodes of this activity are being documented here, in ARTology.

The dreams continue, of course, as do my ongoing efforts to explore and document the territory linking the states of consciousness involved in what appears to me to be the singular experience described by the three words, “life, dreams, and death.”

This work allows me to connect art and life, learning and teaching, living and dying in a manner that unifies my experience in ways similar to those who experience their universe through scientific or religious points of view. What appeals to me about this particular path, however, is that it requires no particular system of belief. It is simply an exploration – an experience, if you will.

And this is why I can share it so easily with you.



Image: Tullio DeSantis, “Asia 7, Thailand,” 1998.

Lucid Dreams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASf55cov5F8

Stephen Laberge – Lucid Dreaming p2:

Lucid Dreaming references:



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