A New Universe: I Heal Myself: Part Three



“I love you, Art”

In unison, from across the void, their voices enter and echo within this dreamless sleep. And then there is silence…

…silence and emptiness devoid of attributes – devoid even of the attribute of emptiness. There is no thing. It is not opaque, not black. It is not transparent, not white. It is not experienced, it simply…is…and is not.

Such vast and all-encompassing vacuity is burdened by improbability. Ultimate emptiness inevitably moves toward a more probable state. Becoming a field of potential existence, vibration ensues, slowly at first, with an infinitesimal frequency and a wavelength of infinite extension. More subtle than light, it is a form of nascent thought – thought with no mind to contain or restrain it.

Unbounded thought expands and generates resonant frequencies. Ethereal reverberations multiply. Layers of vibration create being, harmony, tranquility, and illumination.

Energy increases at the boundaries of infinite and infinitesimal scale, forming rudimentary matter. A cosmic alphabet of elementary particles, thin plumes of hydrogen, specks of cosmic flotsam organize themselves into larger and larger phenomena along multi-dimensional paths and tidal lines of gravitational tension.

Eons pass. Stellar pyres and their aggregations of orbs spin seas of planetary protein into primeval life. Trees fall in forests. Sounds are heard. Countless births and deaths give rise to increasing instability, improbability, and complexity.

New minds form, minds adrift within the vast ocean of consciousness. Awareness expands to experience the overwhelming pulsations of the surrounding space as living heartbeats.

I am born to a new universe.

Image: “New Universe,” digitally enhanced original drawing by Tullio DeSantis, 2009.


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