The Nature of Now



In recent years, science has brought us to the very threshold of understanding regarding the nature of the fabric of space and time. Theoretical understanding of the physical universe has crafted a cohesive vision that is comprehensible and explicable to anyone motivated to research materials, which are readily available on the Net. And thanks, in large part, to the Hubble Space Telescope, we are able to actually view events which lie within a few hundred million years of the big bang event horizon of our current universe.



There is no particular direction for the arrow of time that is required by physical law. Events can run backwards without violating the laws of physics. It is entirely possible that the big bang – the instant of creation – is occurring now, in the present moment and that what we refer to as the past and future are waves of probability cascading outward from the fullness of an eternal present.

There is a new paradigm – a new world view – forming in the collective consciousness of humanity. We have the science and the technical knowledge at our disposal to recreate the mysteries of creation. The tasks that remain before us are essentially anthropological, cultural, and philosophical. We will accomplish these initiatives by means of the current global dialog taking place continuously around the world at the speed of the Internet.

This is the future. It is happening all around you all the time. It will be here in the blink of an eye…

Image: “Forever,” ink on paper drawing by by Tullio DeSantis.


YouTube Video: “Universe,” posted by Cassiopeiaproject.


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