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This is Your Mind



What we refer to as “The Universe” is more properly understood as all that which is experienced by the mind. This is a way to tether philosophy, physics, biology, anthropology, and psychology to the singular experience of consciousness.

This new paradigm is the paradigm of the primacy of mind. It is significant because it supplants the philosophies of materialism which have dominated much of human thought since the emergence of the city-state.

Put simply, rather than positioning matter as the ultimate reality of the universe, this new paradigm places mind there. Think of it, to begin with, as a procedural reversal.

Rather than conceive of a universe in which the most significant constituent is some inanimate, not-directly-experienced piece of particulate – a sort of dumb rock – the new paradigm of mind examines how the universe is actually experienced.

The universe is experienced as a sensation – something we call “the mind,” “consciousness,” or “awareness.” And we can never be sure about whether we are experiencing anything besides this sensation of awareness itself. In other words, as can be demonstrated in the most exacting laboratory conditions we can achieve and the most elegant and precise mathematical systems ever conceived, matter, time, and space in the universe can not be determined to actually exist independent from the act of observation.



We are left with our thoughts. Or more properly, we are our thoughts. We have always had the capacity to imagine this. Now it is within the grasp of our rational minds, as well.
There is an experience of total freedom and a sense of infinite potential available by virtue of this new paradigm that has not been seriously considered for a very long time.
We are discovering a theory of evolution in which the entire universe is intimately involved. And the initial attribute of this new view of the universe is the same as its ultimate attribute – because the universe is what we are, it is intelligent and it is alive.

Image: “untitled mind 3,” ink on paper drawing by Tullio DeSantis.


YouTube Video: “Quantum Consciousness,”Dr Stuart Hameroff

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