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New Patterns, Part 1



The new view of ourselves and the universe – the universe and our place within it – is a view that unites physics and metaphysics, matter and mind, into a theory of everything, in which information and intelligence are two sides of the same phenomenon…the phenomenon of who and what we are.

The essential discovery of quantum research involves the inclusion of the observer into the equations of time and space, matter and energy. This experimentally verifiable finding indicates that consciousness – the phenomenon of mind – is inextricably bound up in the fabric of the universe. Upon reflection, how could it be any other way? Our own minds are part, parcel, and pivot point not just of our experience of the universe but of the universe itself. The universe produces our very thoughts – where else would they come from if not from Cosmos, via concatenations of spacetime, and processes of material, chemical, and biological evolution? All these processes are aspects of a single unified field, which extend in continuous multidimensional patterns from the moment of creation to the thought forming at this instant inside your head – which is, in essence, the inner edge of the universe. Our thoughts are incandescent embers of the Big Bang…

Of course, the Big Bang itself is a metaphor…a way of comprehending the extension of Cosmos through time. The same quantum research that verifies the necessity of mind at the very heart of what was once called “matter” does also demonstrate the non-locality of space and therefore, the instantaneous nature of time. In other words, The Big Bang did not happen 13.7 billion years ago…instead, it is happening now and it is 13.7 billion years wide! The spontaneous creation of something from nothing – happening as a result of the collapsing wave functions of a billion trillion elementary particles – animates the entire universe of possibilities. These events occurring both inside and outside of the human brain evince the ancient equation, “As above, so below.” We stand at the threshold of cosmic evolution. Our minds participate in the emergence of the universe each and every moment – in this way we are truly the “crown of creation.”



As we move forward from the old science to the new science, our paradigm shifts outpace even the contemporary torrent of technological change. Our technology echoes the information-rich texture of Nature herself. Billions upon billions of nanotubules within our neurons were forming patterns of evolutionary genius many thousands of years before we created the first flashes of silicon intelligence within our machines. And now, our rudimentary quantum computers are beginning their exponential leaps toward achieving “singularity,” which some scientists predict will unite biological and technological intelligence and life.

Along the way, the experiences of non-locality and the concomitant and instantaneous conflation of past, present, and future time is available to us by means of cognition and experiential awareness. For those with eyes to see the past is a living presence, the future is always here, and the time is always now…

Image: “New Patterns,” by Tullio DeSantis, digitally transformed acrylic on paper painting, 2010.

YouTube Video: “A Conscious Universe – The Observer Effect”


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Things Are Thoughts


In this moment I feel my breathing. The wind in the trees is my breath in the world. The trees move in the wind as my breath moves within, throughout, and outside of me into the air – into the trees. The trees are moving now in my eyes.
I see clouds in blue sky move in the wind. The clouds move, move with my mind, as my thoughts are moving within me. The wind and the trees and the clouds in the sky are my breath and my mind and my thoughts – all moving, moving within me.

I am the inside of the world, the world, which I see outside me. Within me, the inside of the world is moving, moving as the world beyond is moving, moving through me.

I experience the innerness of what is outside. Inside, my experience of being inside of all that is beyond me is what the inside of things does feel like. I feel the inside of things within myself and I see the outer edges of this feeling as the outside of things – the whole world, the open sky, the universe…

This movement, breathing, my beating heart, these thoughts, they are rivers and clouds – all of nature alive within me. The swaying trees, flowing rivers, windswept waves on salty seas are moving, moving…. They are who I am and what I am. I am all of this and all that is within and without – the entire cosmos. I am within it and even now in this moment, it is beyond me and I am there, as well.

And you are here, within, and beyond me. What we feel inside – this feeling of being inside – is the inside of the world, the universe, all of it, feeling, feeling innerness, as inside us now in this moment, moving here in this moment, feeling this moment within and beyond us now, in this moment, and in the next and the next after that…

All things are thoughts. I am the inside experience of all that lies beyond. When we look outside ourselves, we see the outer edges of what we are, we see our thoughts as things, and we say they are the world. We say they are the universe. We say they are outside of us. And what we say, we see. And what we see, we believe. Our thoughts become things, even while we are thinking them.

It is time. Now. It is time to say that thoughts are things and things are thoughts. And we are here on the inside of everything we see. We are the inside of things. That is who and what we are. All this is who and what we are…
Image: “Things Are Thoughts,” by Tullio DeSantis, digitally transformed photo and acrylic on paper painting, 2010.


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Mental Blocks, Creativity, Perpetual Trance, and the Art of Getting Unstuck, Part 6: Loosening Focus



Your actual experience in the world, your experience of being alive, can be described as a point of focused attention. Whatever you are attending to during specific moments constitutes your particular frame of reference, your point of view, your state of mind. In a very real way, your focused attention is you.

Rather than working to perceive everything in your sensory environment, your brain works hard to filter out almost everything but the occurrences that previous experience have trained it to attend to. Nevertheless, to the extent that your survival does depend on maintaining an ability to notice and adapt to novel experiences, some aspect of your brain remains available for continued learning.

The ratio of old information to new information is overwhelming, however. So much so, that the true operation of your brain is that of a filtering system – essentially excluding most of what is happening to you in any given moment and creating a sort of “tunnel vision” to allow you to attend to particular tasks at hand, while ignoring the infinite variety of other experiences which are competing for your awareness.

This very highly focused cone of attention can be understood as a self-induced trance – a virtual “reality” you are creating and maintaining – while paying no attention to most of what is occurring around you. These trance states are linked in a continuous manner as you move from one activity – or frame of reference – to another, from the day you were born.

It is possible and preferable to increase your state of awareness from the severely limited view described above to an incrementally more expanded level of consciousness. Becoming conscious of the fact that typically your attention is narrowly fixed is the beginning of the process of expanding it.


For example, notice the way your visual focus on the above black disk can be narrowed or broadened by simply becoming conscious of the attention process itself. Without averting your gaze from the black disk, notice that you can become aware of things that lie beyond it on the page, simply by bringing items from your peripheral vision into your conscious awareness.

You can begin by focusing very narrowly on the black disk and then slowly, little by little, you can increase your awareness to the things that surround it…beyond the page…beyond the screen…out into the room…and eventually to include the limits of your visual field – all the while without averting your gaze from the black disc itself.

This simple exercise can be adapted and applied to many different circumstances. In time, you can become more adept at becoming more aware of what is occurring around you without having to actually stop paying attention to the things you are doing in your daily life.

Instead of being stuck in an unnecessarily limited state of mind, you can learn to expand your awareness, little by little, toward potentially unlimited horizons. You have begun the process of getting unstuck – and now your possibilities are endless!


Image: “FOCUS POINT 071010,” by Tullio DeSantis, digitally transformed acrylic on paper painting, 2010.


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Mental Blocks, Creativity, Perpetual Trance, and the Art of Getting Unstuck, Part 5: Projection

In order to learn techniques for reframing our awareness, we will examine how the old frames of reference keep us enslaved and how the new frame of reference sets us free:

The Role of Projection in Perception and Awareness

To understand the ways in which we create the reality which, to our “normal” and erroneous perception, seems “out there” and separate from ourselves, the first procedure we need to examine is the mechanism of projection and how it operates to create the initial division between inside and outside, which serves to alienate us from our inner selves and the world of our experience.

By observing how very much of what we consider to be “out there” in our environment is actually “in here” inside our own heads, we can become aware of the astonishing imaginative and interpretive power of creation we are exercising over our experience. Much – if not all – of what we comprehend as attributes and descriptions of “the real world” is a projection of our own inner states of mind and their concomitant interpretations.

At this point, it is important to see that what we are discussing is neither the difference between what is real and what is not nor what is true and what is false. What we are really taking a look at is a matter of location. When we describe an event as internal, which we previously believed to be actually occurring in the external world – even though much, most, or perhaps all of it is occurring in the mind – we are not denying the validity of its existence. Instead, we are describing its proper, determinable, and definable location. This allows for far less confusion in our lives and can gives us a sense of empowerment, since in so many ways, we do create our experience – even within specific parameters defined by contemporary neuroscience.



Watch a video on the role of projection in perception and awareness
The radical insights of Sigmund Freud and later developments in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis, revealed an inner world of the self in which we have a great urge and ability to misinterpret events in the world as happening to us and for which we believe we are not responsible. There are aspects of our inner life which make us extremely uncomfortable and which are projected upon external causes. The fact that much of this process takes place without our conscious awareness allows the process to go on unchecked and out of control for most of our lives.

Additional insights into the field of psychological inquiry, such as existential and cognitive psychology, provide alternative or supplemental explanations for processes of projection. And these more recent understandings of the mechanisms of the self can offer some ways in which what was once considered to be a completely unconscious process can be brought into awareness and worked with in a manner that can provide insight, healing, and self-improvement.

More significant, even, than particular explanations of the process of projection, is the central position it occupies in our minds. Contemporary physics – experimentally verifiable laboratory research – takes us one step farther along the way toward a really revolutionary view of the creative relationship between consciousness and what was once considered “the material world.” Because of the central position occupied by the observer in quantum mechanical measurement, the mechanism of projection is a fundamental means by which the material universe is created and maintained.

To understand that our experience is largely – perhaps entirely – a product of our own creation can bring us a sense of empowerment and a degree of freedom greater than we have ever known. Some insights are so deep and far-reaching that they can function like keys to ever greater levels of awareness and consciousness.

A deep insight, such as the one we have been discussing here, can have very specific application, as well. To see an event or experience we once considered “out there” and far beyond our ability to manage or control as something that is well within our means to alter is empowering in a way that can truly change our lives for the better.
Image: “Projection,” by Tullio DeSantis, digital image, 2010.



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