Things Are Thoughts


In this moment I feel my breathing. The wind in the trees is my breath in the world. The trees move in the wind as my breath moves within, throughout, and outside of me into the air – into the trees. The trees are moving now in my eyes.
I see clouds in blue sky move in the wind. The clouds move, move with my mind, as my thoughts are moving within me. The wind and the trees and the clouds in the sky are my breath and my mind and my thoughts – all moving, moving within me.

I am the inside of the world, the world, which I see outside me. Within me, the inside of the world is moving, moving as the world beyond is moving, moving through me.

I experience the innerness of what is outside. Inside, my experience of being inside of all that is beyond me is what the inside of things does feel like. I feel the inside of things within myself and I see the outer edges of this feeling as the outside of things – the whole world, the open sky, the universe…

This movement, breathing, my beating heart, these thoughts, they are rivers and clouds – all of nature alive within me. The swaying trees, flowing rivers, windswept waves on salty seas are moving, moving…. They are who I am and what I am. I am all of this and all that is within and without – the entire cosmos. I am within it and even now in this moment, it is beyond me and I am there, as well.

And you are here, within, and beyond me. What we feel inside – this feeling of being inside – is the inside of the world, the universe, all of it, feeling, feeling innerness, as inside us now in this moment, moving here in this moment, feeling this moment within and beyond us now, in this moment, and in the next and the next after that…

All things are thoughts. I am the inside experience of all that lies beyond. When we look outside ourselves, we see the outer edges of what we are, we see our thoughts as things, and we say they are the world. We say they are the universe. We say they are outside of us. And what we say, we see. And what we see, we believe. Our thoughts become things, even while we are thinking them.

It is time. Now. It is time to say that thoughts are things and things are thoughts. And we are here on the inside of everything we see. We are the inside of things. That is who and what we are. All this is who and what we are…
Image: “Things Are Thoughts,” by Tullio DeSantis, digitally transformed photo and acrylic on paper painting, 2010.


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