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New Patterns, Part 1



The new view of ourselves and the universe – the universe and our place within it – is a view that unites physics and metaphysics, matter and mind, into a theory of everything, in which information and intelligence are two sides of the same phenomenon…the phenomenon of who and what we are.

The essential discovery of quantum research involves the inclusion of the observer into the equations of time and space, matter and energy. This experimentally verifiable finding indicates that consciousness – the phenomenon of mind – is inextricably bound up in the fabric of the universe. Upon reflection, how could it be any other way? Our own minds are part, parcel, and pivot point not just of our experience of the universe but of the universe itself. The universe produces our very thoughts – where else would they come from if not from Cosmos, via concatenations of spacetime, and processes of material, chemical, and biological evolution? All these processes are aspects of a single unified field, which extend in continuous multidimensional patterns from the moment of creation to the thought forming at this instant inside your head – which is, in essence, the inner edge of the universe. Our thoughts are incandescent embers of the Big Bang…

Of course, the Big Bang itself is a metaphor…a way of comprehending the extension of Cosmos through time. The same quantum research that verifies the necessity of mind at the very heart of what was once called “matter” does also demonstrate the non-locality of space and therefore, the instantaneous nature of time. In other words, The Big Bang did not happen 13.7 billion years ago…instead, it is happening now and it is 13.7 billion years wide! The spontaneous creation of something from nothing – happening as a result of the collapsing wave functions of a billion trillion elementary particles – animates the entire universe of possibilities. These events occurring both inside and outside of the human brain evince the ancient equation, “As above, so below.” We stand at the threshold of cosmic evolution. Our minds participate in the emergence of the universe each and every moment – in this way we are truly the “crown of creation.”



As we move forward from the old science to the new science, our paradigm shifts outpace even the contemporary torrent of technological change. Our technology echoes the information-rich texture of Nature herself. Billions upon billions of nanotubules within our neurons were forming patterns of evolutionary genius many thousands of years before we created the first flashes of silicon intelligence within our machines. And now, our rudimentary quantum computers are beginning their exponential leaps toward achieving “singularity,” which some scientists predict will unite biological and technological intelligence and life.

Along the way, the experiences of non-locality and the concomitant and instantaneous conflation of past, present, and future time is available to us by means of cognition and experiential awareness. For those with eyes to see the past is a living presence, the future is always here, and the time is always now…

Image: “New Patterns,” by Tullio DeSantis, digitally transformed acrylic on paper painting, 2010.

YouTube Video: “A Conscious Universe – The Observer Effect”


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