Imaginary World





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Image: “Imaginary World” by Tullio DeSantis, digital image, 2010. 




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4 responses to “Imaginary World

  1. Jill Lincoln

    This is beautiful!

  2. Tara Ruhl

    Imaginary world is a world where your imagination can go and think what the world looks like. The world is consistently changing and this piece I think takes those changes into consideration. The world is whatever you think or want it to be in your immigration. I like how the colors were used to make the imagery world to really stand out of the black and white. The black and white surrounding the image of the world could be the brain looking out into to new beginnings and the darker space is just space.

  3. Darien

    This could be taken in different ways. The way i see it is this imaginary world is the world that exists outside of our own. which then strikes the question, “are we the only one?”. our world being imaginary shows how the world we live in and the people we see and acknowledge aren’t the only ones that exist or shouldn’t falsely assume that.

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