New Paradigms: The Unified Field and a Conscious Universe


“There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.”- Albert Einstein
Old ways of seeing the world no longer make sense of the world. Fortunately, as this occurs, new ways of seeing the world come into being. This happens on a regular basis and in many frames of reference because it is essentially a reflection of how the processes of life and learning take place.
Living is a process of ordering, a patterning process. Life is an evolving chaotic system that creates coherence in the world. The need for novel experience is balanced with the need for predictability – this is how learning takes place. Evolving systems need new information – they need to be in a state of openness to the environment. They also need reliable knowledge and repetition, in order to survive from moment to moment in a landscape of constant change. These opposing forces are in dynamic equilibrium in healthy living systems – one acts to close the system, while the other acts to keep it open.
Revolutions in science occur because models that were once integrative, elegant, useful, and inspiring become limiting, stultifying, and counterproductive to the process of discovery. Radically illuminating ways of thinking that open up new frontiers of knowledge and understanding eventually subsume competing models and become dogma. At some point, these long-standing systems of knowledge – information-processing systems – begin to transmit more noise than significant signals.

The new paradigms of human knowledge that are ascendant in our era require re-envisioning the entire edifice of our lives and our relationship to the universe. Crucial aspects of this new vision involve seeing the connectedness between apparently separate entities and experiences; that is, to see objects, events, and processes as inseparable aspects of a unified field.
It is time for us to see that our existence within the cosmos is an infallible signal that it is alive and intelligent – in other words, consciousness is an essential and integral component of the universe.

Image: “Consciousness and Cosmos” by Tullio DeSantis, ink drawing, 2010

First Video: “Magnetic Movie” – Imaging and imagining magnetic field phenomena

Second Video: “The Unified Field” – Deepak Chopra explains the unified field paradigm

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