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Brainwaves, Part 1



During a recent session of neurofeedback work, my friend, a Doctor of Psychology, made the point that health is stronger than pathology. It made a significant impression on me and I want to share it with you, along with the context of our discussion and how it relates specifically to the healing power of neurofeedback.
The premise is simple enough; we heal our world by healing ourselves. And because health is stronger than pathology, this is an optimistic evolutionary world view.
Our history as a species is not one to be terribly proud of. Looking back at what humans have accomplished since climbing down from the trees on the African savannah, must give one pause – if only out of reverence for the terrible suffering and devastation caused by our armies of conquest. We have the capacity to do good but the history of man’s inhumanity to man is too horrible to be comprehended, much less explained away by logic or simplistic belief.
To be sure, there has been great technical advance. We have learned, step by step, how to capture and channel the vast mineral and electromagnetic energies of the Earth toward the construction of a great global technological infrastructure, which provides shelter, transportation, and sustenance for billions and can organize and process information at the speed of light. Nevertheless, a clear-headed appraisal of the state of the world indicates the presence of pathology in our species as a whole and concomitantly in each of us – as individual members of a dysfunctional collective.
Coming to terms with the pathological tendencies of Homo sapiens is possible in our individual lives, as it involves a process of personal transformation encapsulated in each of us as we make our own path from pathology to health.
My life has been a series of experiments, therapies, self-help regimens, spiritual and philosophical programs of study – all with the intention of integrating my aesthetic perceptions with existential experience. In other words, because my own search for beauty, truth, goodness, and inspiration is in conflict with the illusion, brutality, negative energy, and banality of much of experience, being an artist involves first and foremost healing those aspects of myself which participate in the persistently pathological conditions of all humanity.



My neurofeedback work has continued for over a year now and I can report progress in terms of EEG readings, but more significantly, in terms of my own world view. These insights have informed my art and writing in subtle and obvious ways.
Neurofeedback training and therapy are an outgrowth of biofeedback techniques, in which signals are received from the brain and, through various feedback processes, are sent back for purposeful, healthful, and restorative assimilation and response.
Next Entry: More on Neurofeedback and its effect on my life and work.

Image: The author during a recent neurofeedback session
YouTube Video: What is Neurofeedback? – NeurOptimal®

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