New World Vision: Mindspace – The Quality of our Mental Environment



We are always on the threshold of new lives. Each moment presents us with opportunities for more authentic and more centered living. This is an individual matter and yet, it is also the most crucial determiner of our collective destiny. Individuals making individual decisions toward maintaining a calm, centered, and compassionate state of mind promote that state of mind in others. We move through our day encountering each other and trading messages, states of mind, worldviews, subtexts…we are always communicating with each other. And these exchanges change us. Our daily encounters with each other can lift us up and inspire us to be more than we have become accustomed to. Or they can somehow diminish us. We can feel worse and experience a decrease in creative energy after moving through the daily whirlwind of our lives.
Think of it in this way, if everyone we meet in our day is in a great state of mind, being very positive and enthusiastic about things, courteous, thoughtful, and kind, we would just automatically feel better. In other words, there seems to be a kind of shared state of mind that can be thought of as a mental environment. It includes our own personal state of mind, and our very direct apprehension of the states of mind of those with whom we interact. We live then, in a kind of mindspace – a shared experience of being aware and having thoughts, feelings, and moods that are unavoidably shared with others.
By means of far-reaching communications technologies, from the beating of ancient drums, through semaphore, telegraph, and text, to the globally interconnected networks of silicon, we have extended our shared mindspace outward into virtual experience. What is remarkable about the global communications networks is not so much the astonishing complexities of their circuitry as it is that they are filled with vivid simulacra of our consciousness. We extend our very hearts and minds into these electromagnetic networks by means of the rhythms of our music, the intelligence of our discourse, the poetry of our soul, and trillions of mundane daily messages and exchanges of information. This virtual mindspace is a convincing extension of our own minds and it is always on – always available to us. And we spend larger and larger amounts of time within the virtual spaces of mediated communication.
We can always take more responsibility for the quality of our contributions to this dimension of mind which we all share. We can create our evolution more consciously and constructively. There is a certain inevitability to this, as well. When it comes to the creative evolution of life in the universe, there is every reason to imagine it continuing and every possibility for making it better.
Image: “New World Vision” by Tullio DeSantis, altered image, 2011

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