In this moment…

In this moment, in this space, there is just a gentle stream of photons, pulsing light and sound, entering your eyes and mind in the midst of an endless field of invisible waves. You need only to be aware now of simple things – feeling the easy rhythm of your breathing and the pleasure of a moment of pure relaxation.
This is the calm and centered place from which all inner peace and strength arise. In this state of mind you are filled with clarity. From here you move forward with elegance, grace, confidence, and power. As you go about the rest of your day, this feeling stays within you. And now, bring this calm and focused awareness with you, and continue to make our world a better place…

The video,”A Calm Place” is a collaborative art project by:
Tullio DeSantis – ArtworkPatricia Wells – AnimationBrian Routh – Sound


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2 responses to “In this moment…

  1. Gabriella Wertheim

    When I watched this video and read your post I was a bit confused. I understand that when the body is set to watch a relaxing wave that the body is at ease and clairvoyance; however, when I watched this video I was quit disturbed. I felt scared and didn’t really want to watch another minute. The music even cheeped me out a bit. I do agree one thousand percent that when the body is at ease it can move forward but I, however, did not feel this way when watching the video. Maybe it is just me, but it felt aery with a different color portrayal.

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